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Do Not Order Any SES Resume Before Reading This

This Should Save You A Few Hundred $

You are not sure what documents you need to apply?

Answer: Find the job announcement you want to apply to and look at their requirements. While an SES resume is mandatory, they will also list the ECQs and/or PTQs if required. If after reading the announcement, you are still not sure, contact the government agency having the job opening directly or USAJobs.gov by email or by phone … Do not contact any resume service to answer that question as they are not affiliated with the government and might give you inaccurate information.

What's a good price for an SES resume?

Answer: This seems to be the Wild West with some companies charging ridiculous prices as high as $2,000. For just an SES resume, a reasonable price should be anywhere between $500 and $700 while an SES resume with ECQ's and PTQ's should cost between $1,200 and $1,400.

When shopping around, should you contact each service?

Answer: No, don't contact them. Why? Because if you call them, they will try to sell you right away and will most likely succeed, as they are extremely good at it. Because you are going to spend a pretty important amount of money to get your SES resume written, you need to take your time and compare all the services by reading closely what they offer on their websites (there is only a few services offering SES resume writing, so it won't take too much time). Once you find a service you like, order online to avoid being sold extra services you might not need - for example, job seekers calling to get their SES resumes written usually end up being sold the additional ECQs/PTQs even though they were planning to write them themselves.

Should you order over the phone or online?

Answer: ALWAYS ORDER ONLINE. This is the cheapest, fastest and safest way. If you call in, they will try to sell you some extra stuff - it's their job and they're very good at it - and with such expensive resumes, you might end up wasting several additional hundred $ in services you didn't really needed.
  • It is Cheaper: Contrary to popular belief, you get the best deal when you order online because if you order over the phone, the salespeople answering the phone will take a commission plus will try to sell you extra stuff … so don't expect you will get a discount when you call them. When you order online, you will instead be guaranteed to get the lowest price as there is no extra fee involved.
  • Free Bonuses: You usually get Free stuff for ordering online, because it makes the process smoother for both the clients and the resume company.
  • It is Easier & Faster: You just enter your information and will get instant access to your account information to get started.
  • It is Safer: Just make sure there is some BBB and Secure Transaction certificates on the page and you know you will be in good hands: Just make sure there is some BBB and Secure Transaction certificates on the page and you know you will be in good hands.
So stay clear from the phone and order online, whatever resume service you might chose.

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