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How to Hire the Best KSA Writers
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What are KSA's

KSA's are essays that are requested when applying to Federal jobs. Also known as knowledge, skills and abilities, KSA statements must answer questions that will allow government recruiters to determine if you're "qualified" or "best qualified" for the job.

Each answer is usually between ¾ and 1 page long and graded from 5 to 20 points. Your answer should include elements such as education, experience, training, certifications, awards and volunteer work, as long as they're relevant.

While KSA's are not a substitute for your Federal government resume, they have become determinant in the hiring process as recruiters use them to determine who's the best candidate when several applicants qualify for the job.

When writing KSA's, it is essential to respect the strict format government guidelines, deliver a grammatically perfect document and give the best answers possible, as not following these rules would result in getting you disqualified, even if you meet all the requirements and have a great resume.

Unless you are a great writer and are aware of the government's latest hiring trends, it is recommended to use the services of professional ksa writers, which is the solution used by millions of government employees when they need ksa's.

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How to select the best ksa writers

Selecting the right professional KSA writers can be an overwhelming task but a few elements can help you find out which KSA writers are the best for the job.

First, they must be certified and experts in KSA writing, which can be verified by checking if they have taken special courses and training in Federal resume and ksa writing.

Second, look at their turn around time to make sure they can deliver your KSA in time, before the announcement closes.

Third, choose a service that will answer at least 5 points, as 5 questions are pretty much the standard number of points requested in Federal vacancy announcements.

Finally, consider their price to make sure that they don't overcharge you, which seems to happen a lot in this business. As a rule, you shouldn't pay more than $150 for a KSA that includes 5 points.

KSA Writers recommendations

We've reviewed most ksa writing services available and based on the previous criteria as well as on customer service quality, we are recommending to use the services of these professional KSA writers.

Why? Here are the reasons:

They are certified through either PARW, CPRW or NARW, which guarantees that they are highly professional.

They are experts in writing KSA's and Federal resume writing, which might come handy if you need to get your resume prepared as well.

They have more than 30 years of experience, have helped thousands of job seekers get jobs and have a 93% success rate (check out all their testimonials for yourself).

They work fast: they can get your ksa answers ready in 2 to 3 business days, but you can also get them done in only 12 hours, if you need your KSA's even sooner.

Their work is guaranteed: If, for any reason, your resume is not accepted by any area of the Federal Government, based on compliance, they will rewrite your resume entirely for Free.

Their prices are affordable and lower than most of their competitors: they offer an instant $40 rebate and often have specials going on.

How this KSA writing service works

Once you ordered, you will receive confirmation e-mail with your login information and all the details on how to get started. If you need a 12-hour rush or more than 5 KSA's, you will be able to order these add-ons by contacting customer service as soon as you login.

You will have direct access to your writer who will customize your KSA's to the job announcement -- all you will need to do is provide the announcement # and the key Duties, Responsibilities, and Specialized Experience listed in the vacancy.

Once your KSA answers are ready, your writer will send them to you for approval. You might request additional changes if needed and your writer might also contact you during the writing process if he/she has any question.

Last but not least, make sure to order online to get the cheapest price, all the online bonuses and the fastest service as you won't have to pay a commission for talking to somebody over the phone and won't waste your time.

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