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Thanks to the feedback we've been getting from job seekers just like you throughout the years, we wanted to share the following tips with you to make sure you will get the best experience possible.

How to know which documents you need to apply to a Federal position

First you should be looking closely at the announcement to know what resume and documents are needed - the best way is to log onto USAJobs.gov and check the announcement.
If you still are not sure, do not call some resume service or some free consultation website. You should contact directly the agency having the job opening as this is the best way to get the most accurate information regarding the job requirements.

Should You Order Online or over the phone?

You Should Always Order Online. Why?
  • It is Cheaper: Contrary to popular belief, you get the best deal when you order online because if you order over the phone, the salespeople answering the phone will take a commission plus will try to sell you extra stuff ... so don't expect you will get a discount when you call them. When you order online, you will instead be guaranteed to get the lowest price as there is no extra fee involved.
  • Free Bonuses: You usually get Free stuff for ordering online, because it makes the process smoother for both the clients and the resume company.
  • It is Easier & Faster: You just enter your information and will get instant access to your account information to get started.
  • It is Safer: Just make sure there is some BBB and Secure Transaction certificates on the page and you know you will be in good hands: Just make sure there is some BBB and Secure Transaction certificates on the page and you know you will be in good hands.

    Finally if you have any question regarding a resume service, just take the time to read the website, including their terms - everything always has to be listed on a website, so you will know exactly what you are getting and will have proof of it.

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