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KSA Definition

What is a KSA

Also known as Knowledge, Skills & Abilities, KSA's are narrative statements that must accompany Federal resumes when applying to Jobs with Uncle Sam. KSA answers are a very important in the hiring process as they must showcase how your personal attributes and qualifications perfectly fit the job requirements. KSA's shouldn't be underestimated by candidates as they are used by Federal hiring managers to identify the best qualified candidate for the position.

To put it plainly, KSA's are essays that focus on showcasing your strength in a specific area and are structured in four specific parts:





If required, what they usually are, they will be listed in the job announcement, which will include not only how many points — or questions answered — are required but also what they should be about

What about KSAO's?

KSAO's and KSA's are the same thing. KSAO stands for knowledge, skills, abilities and Other characteristics.

Other characteristics refer to mental and physical characteristics that cannot be categorized as knowledge, skills or abilities but are relevant to the job you're applying to.

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