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Resumix is the name of a Resume scanning software that is used by Federal agencies to scan the resumes of candidates.

Used to replace human involvement in a first step, Resumix scans all the resumes received and add them to a database.

Hiring managers can then match the skills of the applicants against the skills listed in the announcement by running keyword searches through the database.

What it means for candidates is that only resumes with the appropriate keywords will be read by recruiters - it is there imperative that your resume is formatted for Resumix otherwise, even if you're qualified, your resume won't be found in the database and you will never get any interviews. In addition, you will need to have several versions of your resumix resume if you wish to apply to several agencies, as requirements vary depending on the agency: for example, the Navy Resumix allows up to 5 pages for a resume while the Army resumix is limited ot 3 pages.

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