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Where to Find Federal Government Jobs

Most federal job listings are available online. With all of the sites available on the world-wide-web, finding those listings can be challenging. Included in this article are links to several sites where federal job listings can be found. Some of these sites are run by the federal government, others aren't.

Federal jobs are listed on the federal site for each department. For those of you who don't want to search in over a hundred federal sites to find job listings, there are some good resources online to help you find federal job listings. Some of those sites include:

Federal Jobs (http://www.federaljobs.net/federal.htm) This link has over 150 links to sites with federal job listings. These are arranged by department. The information on this page will save you hours of searching online.

USA Jobs (http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/) This site has available information on federal job trends, federal job listings, and even information helpful to filling out forms related to federal job applications. You can create and store your resume at USA Jobs. This is a good site to bookmark, it is full of helpful information to help you with your search for a federal job.

FedWorld (http://www.fedworld.gov/) This site is owned and managed by NTIS. The information is regularly updated and the site is easy to navigate. The site offers access to over 250,000 documents with information on scientific, technical, engineering, and business related federal information.

America's Job Bank (http://www.ajb.dni.us/) This resource ended operations July 1, 2007 but still have some valuable links. If you want to find links to information in your area, they have left up a map for you to click an area and you will be taken to a page with information on what is available in that area.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) (http://www.ntis.gov/jobs/jobsearch.aspx) This site has available several good search tools so you can search for federal jobs. The data on this site comes from hundreds of human resource offices in the government. The data is from USAJOBS, if these search tools don't give you the results you are hoping for you can also find the information at USAJOBS website listed above.

Student Jobs (http://www.studentjobs.gov/) At student jobs you can search over 10.000 job listings. You can also create your resume and find other resources that are helpful to students who are just getting started in their careers.

Government Job Search (http://www.federaljobsearch.com/) Allows you to search by state and by job listing. This site has been open since 1999. You can sign up with this site and they will notify you when a job that matches the type of job you are looking for comes available.

If you prefer to go straight to the source, here are some federal sites with job listings. The direct links to each of the federal departments are:

When you apply for a federal job, you will be required to submit documents specific to the job listing. Read the listing for the job you are interested in and when you apply make sure to follow all of the guidelines or your application will not be considered. Put your name and the job number on each of the documents you submit. Your resume should be updated for every job application to fit the job you are applying for.

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