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When writing your resume for most jobs, a one page resume is sufficient. When writing a Federal resume, much more information must be included. Most Federal resumes are two to three pages in length and sometimes five pages or more, not including a KSA. All information requested in the job posting needs to be included in the resume. Any information that is left out can cause you to either not be considered for the job or to lose points in the rating system.

Federal application processes can be very complex and confusing. It is important that you read the job listing thoroughly. You should read through the job posting more than once to make sure that you haven't missed anything. Any information that is requested in the job listing needs to be included in either your resume or the other paperwork that the request along with your resume.

Your resume will be rated on things such as your work experience and education. You need to include your work experience for the last 10 years in your Federal resume. The rating system is how they hire and for Federal jobs. It's sort of a test that you're given before you start. The more thorough you are the higher rating you will get on your resume.

When you write a Federal resume, you need to consider the specific job that you are applying for. Use keywords within your resume that show that you are the applicant they are looking for. It is easy to take a Federal resume that you have written for one job and posted to another. I would caution you not to do this. You should always go back through your resume and make sure that it is tailored specifically for the position you are applying for.

All Federal resumes are required to contain specific job information including the job number that you are applying for. Your personal information is also required including your full name, mailing address, numbers where you can be reached. You need to include your Social Security number and your citizenship status, although most Federal jobs will only hire applicants who are United States citizens. You should also include your Veteran status. Many Federal jobs give Veterans preference points.

Education and work experience

A list of your education and work experience needs to be included in your resume. Along with the name of the schools you attended, you need to include fields of study, dates and any certificates, diplomas or degrees earned. Transcript should only be attached if requested. Work experience for paid and an on paid related work should be included. Job descriptions should not be included.

You should include:

  • Formal education from high school through college (include year completed)
  • Names and addresses of schools attended
  • Any special programs of study that you attended
  • Degrees, awards, certificate's, and diplomas earned (include year completed)
  • Related volunteer work experience information
  • Previous employers names and addresses
  • Job title
  • Duties
  • Previous Supervisor names and phone numbers
  • Starting and ending dates at previous jobs
  • Wage information
  • Full time / part time status (weekly hours worked)
  • Special qualifications
  • Special training (include course name and year completed)
  • Special honors or awards received
When writing information on your resume, be concise. More words do not necessarily mean more information. Make the words that you put on your resume count. In fact, if you can quantify your accomplishments, do so. It looks much better to state, "I was responsible for 6 detailed reports per month." Than, "I wrote reports." Whenever it is possible, you should sell yourself in your resume. Make the person reading your resume know without a shadow of doubt that you are THE best person for the job.

Your resume doesn't need to have every last detail that you have done over the last 10 years. You should highlight your important accomplishments. Your KSA is going to detail all of the information pertinent to the job you are applying for. Be careful not to include extraneous information that's going to draw attention away from your qualifications. Be selective in what information you share but remember to be thorough.

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