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Resume writing is not the same for Federal jobs as it is with other jobs. When you write a resume for a federal job, you have to include much more information. It is important not to leave anything out when you are writing a federal resume. Here are a few tips to make federal resume writing a little easier.

There are many details you need to include in your federal resume. Check to make sure that you have included these things:

  • The job number of the position you are applying for. The federal government likes to have things numbered, jobs included. If you are applying for a job and do not include the job number, your application will not get to its destination.
  • Your personal information including; full legal name, social security number, mailing address, zip code, and phone number. If you do not include all of your personal information, your application will not be considered. If you are a Veteran, you should include that status as well. You should also include your citizenship status on your application; in many cases, this information is requested.
  • Education. You should include your education in chronological order from high school through college to the present time. Names and addresses of the schools you attended need to be included. You should also include any diplomas, certificates, or awards you earned. This information should also include the year you were awarded any diplomas or other certificates of completion.
  • Your education is much more important than other areas of your resume. You need to make sure you have included all of the courses you have taken that can relate to this position. List as much about your education as you can. Grades and awards that are impressive should be included as well. Education is going to be a big part of how your resume is graded when you apply for a federal job.
  • Include work history. List previous jobs held over the past 10 years. You don't need to go past ten years but you should include positions held in the past ten years. Don't explain what the job description is in your resume. You should use keywords to explain your specific duties when they pertain to the job you are applying for. If you do not have the education requested in the job description, you need to make your work history work for you. Anything that can be used to fill in the gaps in your education needs to be included.
  • Include contact information for previous employers if the positions were relevant to the one you are applying for. This information helps to show your qualifications. If you do not have all of the education they are requesting, including contact information for previous employers can put your application back in the running.
  • Make sure to include your KSA and any other documents required. The job listing will include what documents are needed when applying. You need to double check and be certain you have all the required documentation. If you are missing something, you are not going to be considered for the job. Even though resumes are scanned by a living breathing human, not a computer, you still must include all of the requested paperwork or your application will not be included with the qualified applicants who are being considered for the job.
  • Look over the KSA requirements for keywords to add in your resume. Using strong, descriptive keywords that catch the reader's eye when scanning over your resume is a way to get your resume noticed.
  • Use numbers in your descriptions to quantify your qualifications. It is difficult to measure some abilities. If you can add a quantity when listing your responsibilities and abilities, you can quantify your abilities. This is helpful to the person who is trying to decide which applicant is going to be able to do a better job, or who will be able to take on all of the responsibilities required for a position.
  • Be concise, direct, and get to the point quickly. Adding more words to your resume to make it thicker isn't going to help you get a federal job. Putting in words that matter and leaving all of the others out will help though.
  • Proof read. After you have written your federal resume, put it away for a few hours or a day and then go back and proof read. This will help you pick out the mistakes and make your resume more focused.

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