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The Federal Government has several jobs available to civilian workers. Most obvious of those jobs would be postal service and military. There is a wide array of other Federal jobs available. In fact, the federal government employs nearly two million civilians. Many of these positions are in Washington, DC; but positions are available across the United States. In fact, more than 80% of federal jobs are outside of Washington, DC. Federal jobs can be broken down into specific categories. Below are examples of categories for federal jobs.

First, and perhaps the most obvious, is defense. The federal government’s main duty is to protect the country. The federal government does this by hiring and training people in the military. Enlistment into the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army National Guard is often done by recruiters in high schools and community colleges. Civilians work for the defense department in various positions covering positions such as public relations, payroll, and other nonmilitary positions. Beyond military positions the federal government has many other job opportunity’s to offer.

Directly related to defense positions would be the next category: Veterans Affairs. Civilians work in a number of different positions providing aid to former military personnel. These positions include staffing Veterans Administration hospitals, nursing homes, counseling centers, and even national cemeteries. The Department of Veterans Affairs employs doctors, nurses, and other various hospital staff. Entry level positions available in this category include janitorial positions, kitchen staff, and even positions on golf courses located on Veteran’s Hospital grounds.

The Department of Health and Human Services has positions available in many social service type programs. From scientific research for food and drug safety, to assistance with insurance claims there are many different jobs available for civilians. The Department of Health and Human Services administers Medicare and Medicaid programs. Scientific research is done by civilians. Civilians also do testing for drugs safety.

The Department of Treasury not only prints currency, but it also collects taxes, performs tax audits, regulates banks, and does other various tasks having to do with the nation’s wealth. Positions within this department include tax auditor, tax collections, call center staff to assist with tax forms, other various tax related positions, banking positions, and even drivers for the armored cars that delivers the money that the federal government is printing.

The Department of Agriculture is in charge of anti hunger programs and food production. The Department of Agriculture employs researchers to develop new and better ways to conserve our resources and produce food. The Department of Agriculture also runs federal school lunch programs and food stamps. Positions within the Department of Agriculture include growers, researchers, and various secretarial positions.

Federal justice program works with state and local governments. The justice department is involved in crime control and prevention and other aspects of law. The Justice Dept is also in charge of programs such as child support. Many of the positions within the Justice Dept are office jobs, secretarial and nature.

Transportation Department sets national policies regarding transportation. Positions within this department would include positions in planning of highways and other mass transit systems. Transportation includes not only cars, buses, trucks, and trains but this also includes air travel.

The Department of Commerce is often thought of when dealing with patents and trademarks. This department also conducts the census. Positions as a Federal census taker would fall into this department. International trade also falls into this category. The department of commerce employs meteorologists, and mathematicians among many other civilians.

Department of Housing and Urban Development is in charge of public housing projects. Budget planning along with implementation of various housing projects are all done by civilians. Financing for low income family is to purchase homes is also done through this department. Enforcement of equal housing laws is also done through this department. Federal Mortgage financing is also done through the department of housing and urban development.

The Department of Education monitors public school systems. Money is distributed through different programs in school systems. Financial Aid is covered in this department. Positions in this department include financial aid workers that assist students to fill out paperwork for their financial aid, Financial aid approval, and distribution of financial aid. Monitoring public school systems to ensure equal opportunity’s education for all students is also done through this department.

The Department of Labor enforces labor laws. This department is also in charge of administering unemployment insurance. The department of labor runs the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Positions in the Bureau of Labor Statistics include the collecting and analyzing of data having to do with the work force.

The Interior Department is the department over federal lands. Positions in this department would include working for National Parks, National Forest, and other positions managing federal lands. This department also works towards conserving natural resources. Hydroelectric Power Systems are ran by the interior department.

The Energy Department is the department that produces weapons. It’s this department that’s in charge of production and disposal of nuclear weapons/nuclear waste. Positions in this area are highly technical. Department of energy also does the planning for current and future energy needs of the country.

Homeland Security is one of the department’s that we have been hearing a lot about recently. Safety from terrorist attacks within the nation is the main goal of the Homeland Security Department. Analyzing data to determine where our vulnerabilities are is done by this department. Immigration policies and the Coast Guard are both overseen by this department.

Opportunities for employment in the Federal government are many and varied. The federal government employs civilians in thousands of positions from entry level to highly technical positions. Many of the federal positions are available in Washington, DC. Federal jobs are, however, available throughout the United States. In fact, more than 80% of the federal jobs are outside of the Washington, DC area.

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