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With close to 2 million employees, the Federal Government is not only the largest employer in the US but also offers job security, great benefits and good salaries. While there are thousands of Federal openings every month, the government job market has also become highly competitive, hundreds of applicants with similar resumes applying to the same jobs. As a result, Federal hiring recruiters are increasingly using KSA's to determine who is the best candidate, which means that it is now determinant to have the best KSA answers possible.

What are KSA's? Submitted along your Federal government resume, they are specific questions about your knowledge, skills and abilities that must be answered in a narrative form and highlight your experience. They are usually graded between 5 and 20 points and your final grade will determine if you meet or exceed ranking factors.

Here are a few points you should know about KSA's:

They should be written in the first person.
They should be between one and one page and half as stated in the announcement.
They should feature a couple of examples showcasing your knowledge, skill or ability.
They should be specific and include only information relevant to the job opening.
They should include experience, education and awards.
They are graded between 0 and 20.
They will be used to select the best candidate when several applicants qualify for the job.
It will take you several hours to answer to prepare a set of KSA's.
Letting a Professional Federal Resume writer prepare your answers will increase your chances to get hired fast.

Because KSAs must follow strict Federal guidelines, it is imperative to learn everything on the subject, whether you want to write them yourself or hire professional writers. Unless you are a highly talented writer and are aware of the latest Federal hiring guidelines, we however highly recommend hiring professional KSA writers to prepare your statements.

You will find on this website all the information you need to know before hiring professional writers. This should not only help you figure out if you''re up to the task preparing them yourself but, most importantly, give you enough knowledge to help you find the best writers.

We reviewed all the writing services out there and, if you made the decision to hire writers to prepare your KSA statements, we can recommend you professionals that meet all our requirements, whether it's in terms of quality of the documents delivered or customer service. If you need to get your Federal resume professionally done along your answers, we highly recommend getting a KSA Resume package.

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